Look we really did make it South Humber tourist sign

Training Session 2

Tonight’s training included some lovely sighs of fog in pretty much every direction we decided to go, even the many directions we went that we wasn’t meant to. Who knew trying to find the biggest bridge in England (I think) would be so hard on a bike! But we got there in the end but not helped

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Securing your Website

So a few months ago I set-up my own Virtual Private Server (VPS) to able to host a few websites my own and some Scout websites I help manage back at home and here in Hull. But I never could get anything but a self-signed certificate until Ash in Freeside told me about https://www.startssl.com this company

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Hull Fair

As my girlfriend keeps telling me anyone who lives in Hull has to at least visit Hull fair once a year, so we did which was a rather uneventful cheapish visit but we still enjoyed the atmosphere and me been the amateur photographer I am saw the giant wheel and thought “That would make a good photo”

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Pit stop to recalculate at Raywell Park

Training Begins

To start our training we had our first ride out to get used to our new technology, unfortunately the technology to record while we was going around wasn’t fantastic since my phone decided GPS was using too much battery and disabled it when I turned off the screen. So retracing this into MemoryMaps should give a valid GPX but I

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Launch of ‘Sleepy Tours the UK’

From today we are launching our charity bike ride around the UK, me and Shojy (Joshua Moon) are going to be raising for different charities which we both have respective Just Giving pages which all the links can be found below. The route we are taking has not been set in stone yet but suggestions

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