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Hello World

As with all good¬†programs my first blog is a “Hello World”.

So a quick introduction from me, Andrew Flatters.

I am currently studying in the University of Hull studying Computer Software Development in my first year.

I am also a Scout so enjoy all the outdoor things in this world such as Skiing, Climbing, Camping, Hiking etc.

But also I am a geek at heart who likes to game¬†especially on Garry’s Mod which is a Half Life 2 Sandbox/Modification game which allows its players to develop and interact with the game like no other. I currently co-own a Garry’s Mod community website called Xuras this can be found on http://xuras.net so do check us out and if your interested in a community that you don’t get lost in but still don’t feel excluded in come join us.

So that’s my quick “Hello World”

Bye for now!

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