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Welcome to my first review of Android Applications

Aoo 2 SD QR Code

Price: Free

The first one I want to review is a application I have been recommended to install and is highly useful for Android 2.2 phones.

This application is a tool to help manage your applications from been on your phone as we always know we want lots of applications and Android 2.2 has finally let us to install them to the SD card but of course in hast or out of forgettingĀ to navigate the many menus we leave applications on our phone and not our SD.

So this is a simple application to solve this problem by making the option just a click away to open the menu to move this to the SD card.

The only problem I have had with it is when you have many applications on your phone the list of applications that are ready to move sometimes takes a while to come up even though you can see it in the background so may be a suggestion is to not make it take over the whole screen while refreshing the applications.

Hope this was a useful review.

Bye for now

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