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Bus systems just there to scam you!

Why are bus services only here to scam you? So I have a top up card that entitles me 20% off because I’m a student but didn’t relise only had 64p on it which wouldn’t get me too far. So I put money down adding up to right amount. But he would only give me

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Blackhills Bonfire 2010

I have been home this weekend up in Bradford to help to run the Blackhill’s Bonfire, we had lots of turn out after a hard day working/ cooking and getting everything ready for lots of visitors to our campsite. Mostly running around in a wet field to get them parked. But later on we was greeted with

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A Day in the Life of me

Well been a long but not very busy day! So this morning we have been making the first steps on our project making “Battleships” this is a console version so don’t get your hopes up all text based but still I’m enjoying it. Other things that happened today: Brought my ticket to go to Bletchley

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