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A Day in the Life of me

Well been a long but not very busy day!

So this morning we have been making the first steps on our project making “Battleships” this is a console version so don’t get your hopes up all text based but still I’m enjoying it.

Other things that happened today:
Brought my ticket to go to Bletchley Park in Feb which should be amazing learning more about the history of Computing in terms of the war.

Also found out today my money hasn’t been taken out for rent from my university which is quite concerning so I went to go see someone about it, after long time in ques I set up and chip and pined my largest amount of money, don’t fancy doing that most days but direct debit now set up which is good!

Tonight was another enjoyable tutorial with Rob Miles just solving a few problems other people had with there Battleships project I was fairly sorted with mine but picked up a few tips on how I should be making it and a few how to get a couple extra marks which all counts!

Now I’m sat on a train off to Blackhills eventually which is nice to have a socket and internet on a train passes boredom alot! Thank you Mr Desire for my wonderful fast internet! (Lucky not many tunnels)

So that’s my life of the day hopefully get “home” soon then sleep! After seeing everyone I ain’t seen for a few months of course!

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