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Rock Climbing at Trollaktiv – Bradford North Explorers

This is on the climbing wall at Trollaktiv in Norway with Bradford North Explorers

The Chicken Shoot – trollaktiv Norway

This is what we went down in a raft a few days before shooting this!

Blogging for no reason

Well it seems I can write blog posts much better quality on my phone rather than typing as I had complete writers block other day when was writing about “I’m home”. Tonight I talked to a mate about the “mind thoughts” I had the other day, this was mostly discussing open blogging. Is this something

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Home Sweet Home

So now I’m back in England and have been talking with a certain someone lots more now it ain’t costing me a fortune! Today I have mostly just been washing, ironing and unpacking and also went shopping for new duvets! very interesting day indeed! The flights yesterday all went fairly smoothly apart from nearly loosing

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Protected: Mind thoughts

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