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Phone Case

With my old phone case getting old and flaky (was only a cheap one for like £5 from a random market stall). I went to the internet in search for a new phone case and found a nice one on offer which was a Hard Case which was better in my mind than a flexible one like

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Text Blogging catchup

Well seem’s I got back into text blogging instead of Vblogging last few days not that it matters still content gets across! But anyhow just a post to keep up to date on happenings I haven’t blogged about: Bletchley Park – 12/02/2011 We was offered the opportunity to go to the museum where computing was born so

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When all things….

Fail Well after today things like to go wrong at times but are always rectified with random events happening! We had a fun challenge to work out what a machine even did in Freeside today… still no clue it had crazy amount of ports we ain’t used for a very long time the only ones

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