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When all things….


Well after today things like to go wrong at times but are always rectified with random events happening! We had a fun challenge to work out what a machine even did in Freeside today… still no clue it had crazy amount of ports we ain’t used for a very long time the only ones we recognized was a nice serial input and a Ethernet cable input! But was a very interesting machine with even a AA battery powering inside it with a watch battery aswell!

O and onto the fail part of my day travelling back on my bike as I do most days we come to the round about before the crossing and there’s traffic all the way up the road up to the level crossing… suspecting just high traffic since barriers are down we continue at side of the road, get there to wait for nearly half an hour! 3 trains gone by and still won’t lift up very fail at this point we get advised by a passer by that there is a footbridge so me, Joe and a girl who was waiting with us went up to have a adventure to find this level crossing so all that time wasted for a 5 minute detour around some streets!……. Grr trains are annoying sometimes when level crossings are involved!

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