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Text Blogging catchup

Well seem’s I got back into text blogging instead of Vblogging last few days not that it matters still content gets across! But anyhow just a post to keep up to date on happenings I haven’t blogged about:

Bletchley Park – 12/02/2011

We was offered the opportunity to go to the museum where computing was born so we wiped up the chance and set off at crazy hours of the morning to Milton Keynes via a coach from Campus Which was a fairly quiet journey as everyone was still asleep! But after a nice stop for breakfast at the motorway service station… lots of money later I ended up with a full fry up and some nice sandwiches for lunch. We arrived around about the 10 o’clock mark with lots of excited people to look at computers Rob and Mike been the biggest cul-prates (Our tutors). So we was driven up the mansion and taken to a grand room to give us a introduction talk. We was going to have a tour then lunch then free time to do what we like as it was a enormousness place with lots to see!

So the rest of the day I’ll let you look for your self with the pictures I took while there (Full list of images on my Gallery page)


Visit to Manchester – 26/02/2011

On Saturday I had yet another early morning but this time to go see my “sister”, Kerry. Was grated in the morning by a very nice bus driver that seemed fair too happy to be driving at 7:40am in the morning but owell. I got to Hull interchange without a fuss in record time, got my tickets out the magical machine which had the worst touch screen I used in ages (must be the used to HTC Desire build quality!). Then with time to spare I made my way to the platform in seeing there was coffee for sale so went in there had a chat with a fellow student who I didn’t catch the name of but had a nice conversation and he provided me with £1 bacon butty… bit cheaper than them motorway service stations!!

So got on the train with useral train standards of them messing around the seat bookings for tables but I got sat down anyway and hooked up my laptop to the power for the 1 hour 50 min journey. During the journey I set about improving my pong XNA game from the programming labs on the Friday which was joyful fun of getting physics bugs I have no clue how to fix! But owell kept me entertained that’s the main point. On arriving to the station I got a massive hug grating off my sister seemed forever since we met up which was great to say we was.

Xbox controller troubles

So to improve my XNA I thought about going to get a Xbox controller which seemed a fairly simple task go into CEX buy a remote walk out…. test and doesn’t work, bugger. So I look over the remote for any buttons (We all hate them pesky buttons) but there was none but then found the cable has split! So obviously not impressed I take this back to the CEX shop see if they had any more, showed they did but again they couldn’t find it so they looked on there database and found that in the other shop across town they had them! So proceeding to go there we found the tiny little CEX shop with a brilliant shop assistant that had a good chat with me about games / controllers / developing which was quite interesting *Big thumbs up for this one!* Of course testing just to make sure I didn’t have to take another one back it worked first time, Brilliant.

Lunch time

Controller sorted we headed up to a Chinese called “Yum Yums” and that it was! Was brilliant food hats off to you guys, all you can eat of course! Only complaint was the lack of notification that I had to show that I was a poor student before we sat down even though your only notice of this was on the table menus! But owell still got it in the end with pure look of evil in the waitresses face.


So most of the day was full of shopping and general looking around shops for cool things, seeing nice stereos, laptops and a array of other things I felt was best if I waited till a birthday as was a bit out of my student budget so we settled on a fake slush puppy and a ride on the Manchester wheel where I snapped a few more shots (On gallery and few samples below).

So all in all was a brilliant day out (Wow that’s a big post just looked!) But owell that’s a nice catch up of my life recently part from the obvious things in life like lectures and them student things we do!

Link to Manchester visit gallery

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