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Brother Printer Scam

I’ve written about companies who always try to scam you before on here but this one also at first confused me but reading further into it really seems very scamy indeed! So it all starts the day you come home from university and your parents list the amount of technology that needs fixing around the home (Or seems that way to me every time anyway), this time it was the printer. Me thinking it’s just the usual like paper jam or no ink etc went to go see it setting 5 minutes aside from coursework to go have a look at it. So this was no normal error looking at it saw it had a maintenance error, definitely not normal! So to Google I went to check how to get a error code readout which took me to a article on Brother support pages telling me that the ink pad is full….ok I thought what the hell is one of them and why is it complaining. So Google some more and seemly it’s a process they have enabled inside the printers so after so many cleans it just shuts down the whole printer to change this pad inside the printer, again to Google working out that bother charge 150 for this wasn’t a happy bunny by this point that didn’t include postage and packaging to America! So for a slightly cheaper approach I came across an article of solutions by a guy having same problem as me. I’ll include the link to this at the bottom, but he gave very clear instructions that Brother put quite a few mechanisms inside their printers so they waste ink so you buy more and has this “Fault” with them after so much cleaning been done. So a simple maintenance code entered into the machine and it booted up as normal and was like there was nothing wrong with it just then needed its regular clean and alignment doing. So I’m starting to wonder how many other companies make their technology fail just because the general consumer won’t Google for solutions but just pay up for no particular reason what so ever! So there is my rant in my blog catch-up for definite.


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