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Egg Hunt

On a bright sunny Sunday morning it was back to Blackhills for the annual Beaver and Cub egg hunt, me doing the usual running round like a nut then doing media for the website (Which now is online if you want to check out http://blackhillscampsite.org.uk. This year was bigger than the last as we are ever increasing in popularity as word gets around all the little ones wanting to go up to Blackhills where they all won Easter eggs of range of sizes. We unfortunately didn’t have our County Commissioner or Ex-County Commissioner as they were both occupied up on County Campsite for Archive Day (To be followed on next blog). But we was told to hide the little Easter Eggs well as they found them all too soon last year, unfortunately we lost six since we couldn’t even find them! But all in good fun they had the Hunt then the Obstacle course put on by the county survival team. When all the little smiling faces went home we packed away swiftly as we were moving onto seeing up at county campsite.


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