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Square Dance/ Laser Zone Fundraising

This weekend has been full of different fundraising some for us some for other people but all went successfully well and raised lots of money to be given to the appropriate causes. We now have a little more money towards our big trip to Norway which seems to be getting closer by the day. For anyone who doesn’t know yet we are raising funds to go away end of July till the beginning of August with the Explorer Scouts initially to visit the Sweden World Scout Jamboree which should be a amazing opportunity for the five we are taking. Since when I went in 2007 to WSJ it was one of the most remember able times of my life been able to party and meet so many different people in such a short time it’s an opportunity  which any Explorer Scout should be proud to honour in there “Scouting lives”. As this truly makes the colours come out of people since you don’t realise till you spend two very long stressful weeks with people your age how much strain there is in everyday life. So to my Explorers who are going MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Since it costs a lot to get there and shouldn’t be an opportunity to be missed easily!


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