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Day 2 Norway/ Sweden trip

Day 2 (Morning)
amazing morning just got back from white water rafting with our Scottish guide (Jamie) who was a amazing laugh. none of our group fell in but me and Anthony who were “the engine” got a fair amount of waves to drink! we also went “surfing” in the raft where I’m sure they tried to get us to fall in but none of us did! amazing experience hope the weather keeps up is fairly sunny today. really enjoying it so far!

Day 2 (Afternoon)
so we didn’t have any activities planned for this afternoon so we went for a adventure to find civilisation which was about 5km away which seemed alot longer down the long paths of tree line. when eleemosynary eventually reached the town it was very beautiful even if the first shop we found was a sports direct! typical or what. so comparing prices in the supermarket we got rather scared at how much each can was at about £3.50 a can of cider! so we quickly settled for pop. on the way back we went to the pizzeria for ice cream which where huge! only £2.50 an all with toppings and everything. so we ventured back to camp welcomed by gorgeous food and more ice cream! tonight we have the serfari looking forward to it.

Day 2 (Evening)
this evening we went on the elk and beaver serfari. we first set out with our American tour guide to a lake where we were in twos to be very silent (harder for some than others! ). we traveled around most of the lake looking at the beaver lodges but unfortunately didn’t see any. our guide suspected this was because there had been alot of rain and the lake was alot higher than normal. so back to the bus we went to be greeted by “soda and candies” or pop and sweets in English. on to the elk hunt staying in the mini bus we drove down the Norwegian roads and each time we came across a field we shone a very bright torch across to look for green eyes to shine back. we saw them quite quickly and had a good look though the benoclours as seemly usually they didn’t come that close to the road. I attempted to take a couple of pictures but they seemed to be blured or too dark but we shall see when I get home. so that was it for tonight back for half past midnight and straight to bed as none of the leaders from the other groups were out. tomorrow we have a conoe tour and go karting. looking forward to them and had a brilliant day today.

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