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Day 3 Norway/ Sweden trip

Day 3 (Morning)
so this morning we woke up to glorious sun and blue sky’s! hopefully this keeps up for our conoe trip this morning.

continued ….
just been for a conoe tour down the river was very senic this time we had a Norwegian tour guide. we had a good laugh very hard to go forwards though did very good to go right but that’s about it! still having a brilliant time finished for all the water activities now next up is Go Karting!

Day 3 (Afternoon)
so we had a long lunch today so we went for a walk back to the “chicken shoot” where we came down rafting. The water was very fast flowing but took some pictures from the pier out. this afternoon we are going on the go karts in half an hour should be fun.

continued …..
just been go karting, was rather fun even if the kids won’t stop saying how many over takes they did! but owell I just took it easy and enjoyed the cooling breeze still boiling especially on this bus! so that’s all the activities done for today. tomorrow we have Climbing, zip line, archery and biking should be a fun packed day again for our final day at troll-active in Norway.

Day 3 (Evening)
Tonight seems forever till tea (hour later) for tea but seems along time due to activities been shorter this afternoon. still very warm getting sun burnt again legs and arms all burnt! so much for rain all week.

continued ….
back to our diddy tents after a uneventful night of playing pontoon till the kids bedtime then just eating crisps and pop before bed ourselves. read up a bit more about the trip to Sweden from 2:15pm to 7am – 8am we will be traveling from Norway to Sweden very long way of trees no doubt. also I’m glad none of our kids have had to go to hospital as one of the other lads did and it cost 2270 karona which is about £227 in taxi fairs!! one way to earn money become a taxi driver here! so tomorrow is our eventful last day but for now more sleep.

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