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Day 4 Norway/ Sweden trip

Day 4 (Morning)
This morning has been a slow start with couple hours between breakfast and our first activity but had a shower which was more than a trickle this morning which was lovely! Got lots of activities planned for today so should be great, can’t wait!

so this morning we have been climbing on the tower only couldn’t conquer one which was a overhang at 90 degree angels but was amazing fun even got my mum to have a go belaying and Climbing. The zip line was amazing still wish could have gone on the bigger zip line at the high ropes park. Then it was time for archery which I did quite well at even got two balloons in the game at the end. So this afternoon we are doing some down hill biking with the same Norwegian guise we had this morning.

Day 4 (Afternoon)
so this afternoon we have been bike riding up to the Beaver Lake with some up and down hill tree routes been fantastic. when we got back to Troll Active we had a go on the bike Skills path which we conquered all levels! there was a fantastic bridge hanging in the trees which was a ace idea. shame we can’t make one up at Blackhills as we all enjoyed it so much. some fantastic views and amazing sceanary. 

Day 4 (Night)
so tonight we have had another relaxing night had a BBQ with everyone was amazing food really enjoyed it so far this week.still boiling hot here must have brought this sun with us as before we came it seemly rained loads! but just so tired now the sun is draining me of all energy.

continued ….
Tonight once the sun had gone to rest around 10pm we went for a walk up to the dam where we set off from on the white water rafts. was rather impressive the amount of water coming though the dam itself. we took lots of pictures on the way up of all the Norwigan sceanary. Tomorrow is going to be the very long day traveling from 3pm to 7am on a coach and ferry crossing going be one long day!

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