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Day 5 Norway/ Sweden trip

Day 5 (morning)
Another warm day but this time packing to get on bus just one of them days can’t be bothered to pack!

so I got all packed now where just absorbing the sun for a bit before we get on the coach for our long drive!

Day 5 (Afternoon/night)
so a big long day of traveling just got off the boat at 10:40 pm next stop is the Campsite at 8am. was a very nice boat ride in the sunset. missing a certain someone so much now with all the romantic sceanry. won’t be long till I’m moving to Hull again. typically on the boat we found the wifi about 5 mins before we disembarked! hopefully will be some on the Campsite for a none expensive chat!
also stocked up on some more sweets and presents on the duty free. now where on the coach the sceanery is back to tree tree tree lake farm tree tree!
sleep time soon for me and Andy bear me thinks.

continued …..
frogot how hard it is to sleep on a moving coach. even if it is a masadeze benz coach and is very comfy just can’t sleep.

continued ….
1am still can’t sleep just stopped for petrol and now music behind me back on. so tired yet can’t sleep

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