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Day 6 Norway/ Sweden trip

Day 6 (Afternoon)
so today has been a very long day we arrived at 6am but couldn’t get in the huts or anything till after 11 which was rediclous after hardly any sleep on the coach. had a few naps but don’t feel any more rested.
in the bar tonight there is entertainment so if I’m awake might head down there.
really starting to miss certain someone now still a week I have to wait but really am missing her like crazy now and isn’t even that long apart but still able to text now she been a genuinous and worked out her sisters charger works after not having a phone all week hardly, typical!
At the site we have some wifi but also typically doesn’t reach the cabins so you have to go down to toilets or bar to use it, but owell hopefully will help keep in touch with people.
The caravan the lads are in is quiet nice compared to what others have been put in has shower and all the emmenities so we can self cook unlike the others who have to share a kitchen its about time we have some luxury though. there’s also a TV and shower in the caravan too! bonus!
seems like there’s a channel with all American channels on too which is good first thing we watched was Simpson’s.

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