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Blogging for no reason

Well it seems I can write blog posts much better quality on my phone rather than typing as I had complete writers block other day when was writing about “I’m home”. Tonight I talked to a mate about the “mind thoughts” I had the other day, this was mostly discussing open blogging. Is this something I want to get into more, don’t care if anyone reads it, its more what people will comment. But with true blogging style I know I shouldn’t put names on this kinda thing but the name that everyone knows is my own which is why I’m sceptical about the whole idea. So for now I’ll just carry on as normal. I do enjoy the whole diary life blog thing, really enjoyed the V blog when we tried “project firesong” but that lapsed due to lack of videos. I think if I had a higher spec computer I would get back into v blogs just trying to edit them was a nightmare and such a long task it physically just wasn’t worth my time while at university especially!! so over next few days I have a mass of ironing to do and lots of packing and gathering things together for university again. started my shopping list on “out of milk” which is a fantastic shopping list app on Android. still concerning buying it to get the whole sync and sharing but we will see. might do my next post on my Android as I haven’t posted anything about it for yonks! changed Roms and got new favorite apps and all sorts these days!

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