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Pair programming

Working on the Raywell website we was designing the code behind the booking checker system which turned out to be rather simplistic code but unfortunately not so efficient in due course from the standards where using doesn’t allow masses of manipulation before we download it onto the server to be processed.

If that’s all gobble-goop this post probably isn’t for you.

But as I said we were coding the system which we have chosen to get from Google calendar into MySQL for processing quickly on the server (once it’s there). Aftereq a few issues in permissions between calendars made on domains and normal @gmail.com accounts in linking a @gmail.com with full edit and management positions it allowed us a private feed go ical (which domain users don’t get for security reasons … seemly correct me if I’m wrong)

Our "planning"

So the basic principle of our code was to take iCal format from Google calendar services for each building which is formatted like:


Just a new line for a end of lime character for them all. They also are split into sections but use the same implication as above.

So with all this we made it a array which then checked the database if it was deleted (not there anymore) updated (using timedate and new to insert so this synced MySQL with ical. This now means making the user interface for queries a doddle. Just need to clean up the code so a method can be made just to plonk a iCal feed for each building in an all! But progress is good for now!

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