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Raywell Park

This year at university I made the decision that I wanted to get involved in scouting once again as I had a year off in effect of going to university. This took a bit of time to able to follow the trail around the districts since currently they are going though a merger between three districts (similar to us but we only had 2 of 3 merging). But my contact came from Raywell park which is Humersides county Campsite as getting involved by advertising myself to get involved with there website which after two months since our initial meet I’m getting to know rest of the team and getting really positive vibe of growth and going up in the world with Raywell. As like Blackhills it’s hitting a bit of a dead spot but with new organization and team work between work force and management this seems to be massively improving the site with big plans for the future also. (No pictures in this post as on mobile might add one later)

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