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Re-factoring unsuccessfully

On doing some PHP work for a calendar sync system with a mySql database the code was getting rather messy and not very well laid out what so ever but to able to fully make this reusable I did some re-factoring with lots of testing of code to make sure it still gave the same

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Fantastic start to Easter holidays

With winding down after a very busy semester two in second year tonight with emily’s birthday today, we are having a night of party and relaxation with kinect games and guitar hero as whole band set. With plenty of beverages off to spiders soon to complete the night but been one fantastic but hard work

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Kinect SDK

With going to see Rob Miles today about my final year project I got playing with the SDK for Kinect tonight. With playing around with the games (Shape Game) which was rather amusing for a while I got playing with the speech recognition which works very well on recognizing long sentences with light variations but seemed to struggle if there was a

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