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Kinect SDK

With going to see Rob Miles today about my final year project I got playing with the SDK for Kinect tonight.

With playing around with the games (Shape Game) which was rather amusing for a while I got playing with the speech recognition which works very well on recognizing long sentences with light variations but seemed to struggle if there was a word required within a sentence for example if you don’t know what commands you can say you could say anything with “news” to able to bring news onto the screen would be good. But at the moment still don’t know how to do this.

While dealing with the Kinect it seemed to only works with WPF and Windows Forms which is unusual since with it coming from the Xbox I thought that XNA would be default but can’t seem to find a tutorial on able to do this. But hey good practicing if I get that project from Rob but still looking into other projects and keeping a open mind at the moment.
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  • Nothing wrong with using the Kinect in XNA. You can find a whole course (and book) on how to do it here:


  • Yeah Rob’s right. They opened up Kinect to work with multiple things now. I’ve wrote a program which controls a .NET Micro Framework robot using speech recognition in console. If you need any help with anything I will be happy to help. I’ve done quite a bit with the Kinect sensor

  • @twitter-2479801:disqus that’s fantastic I will defiantly give that a read, must been using old websites when the beta SDK came out will take a look and do some more fun research. Also @b55b63ccede64711cf134fab5bc6a263:disqus will let you know if any additional help with some code working out at the moment. Thanks for the help guys