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Re-factoring unsuccessfully

PHP IDE done right!

PHP IDE done right!

On doing some PHP work for a calendar sync system with a mySql database the code was getting rather messy and not very well laid out what so ever but to able to fully make this reusable I did some re-factoring with lots of testing of code to make sure it still gave the same results (which it wasn’t doing till approximately 30 seconds ago after working on it for 2 hours) but finally got it working and all because of a simple ‘$’ before a variable name… that’s what I get for trying to remember too many languages at once! But good practice for my up coming attempt on the coursework which still not sure weather to do ASP (totally new to me so good practice) or to do PHP (which I know and love but find quite simple when I’m not making stupid mistakes.

Which language would you go for a challenge or to try get a very high grade with little learning?

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