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Summary of Year Two and summer beyond

As my second year comes to a end at university of Hull with the stresses of preparing for exams and handing in all the course-works though-out the year this year was a very productive year to develop my programming skills I feel, why in these past weeks I haven’t blogged as much as I would have liked but sometimes we just have to get our heads down and do some hard work to get to where we want to be in life.

I have been thinking about the summer and what I should be doing with myself over this period of time since we have from now (start of June) to early October, but with Final Year Project deeming upon us next year I am going to do some preparation work for this. Also while on that subject I got the project that I went for in my first choice. With the attached description below:

The department currently uses an XNA program to display messages on the Plasma screen in the Open Area. This program reads RSS feeds and renders them onto the screen.

The Project Involves the development of this system to add additional functionality. The system should be expanded to allow it to read messages from other data sources, specifically Twitter, and allow display of images, animations and video along with the text currently displayed.

The system will be crated using C# and XNA and can be based on the existing software or re-written from scratch.

This might seem a bit of a different project but there is a even bigger twist since upon talking to the Project supervisor for this project (Rob Miles) he suggested that could do a interesting twist between getting user interaction from the Kinect Sensor which I thought was a excellent idea and look forward to pursuing over next years project.

In other news it was also my 21st birthday Thursday, upon receiving a few presents the most fun I got was a Arduino Uno starter kit, this one to be precise:


I’ve always wanted to play around with electronics but never had anything to get me started so this should get my feet wet a bit since currently got it playing Three Blind Mice with LED flashing on each note and with a volume control nob. So much fun to come and I’m sure I will put something on my blog about the more interesting projects I plan on doing with this brilliant piece of technology. So just to say thank you to all those though brought me presents and all those wishing me a happy birthday, but hopefully best bit to come with my party been Saturday (tomorrow) getting to see old friends again should be fantastic. Think that’s me caught up for a bit but hopefully summer will bring more photography and fun projects to keep my programming mind active and enjoying what I do best!

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