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I officially can progress onto third year!

With daunting times of the exam period over and results now in I’m officially now a third year, this year came with its modules to really challenge us even with part of our grades been taken before our eyes in certain modules, just a warning to people for year taking Software Engineering take the piece of paper so literal and ignore any code given and think how you would do it first!

But for anyone interested and can’t be bothered trying to decipher the picture below I got a average of 61.7% which means I got a 2:1 average for this year which is worth 30% towards my honers degree, but this also means I’m eligible for Masters which Amanda set me 50% target to get onto so will be doing that at some point in the near future so I can spend another year in Hull before been thrown into the big bad world of work!

Results Year 2

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