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Ice Cream Sandwich for my Razr

So I’ve always tried the most recent of operating systems be it on my computer, laptop or even phone but this was the first time doing it on a Motorola Android and I must admit it was much easier doing gingerbread roms on a HTC then upgrading the kernel on Motorola. But all my hard graft paid off yesterday as I got a fully working “official” OTA (over the air) update, before tmobile obviously realised it. My original intention was to put one my favourite roms miui thinking I knew what I was doing did it without much reading and put it at straight onto gingerbread… I now had a very expensive paperweight on my hands I had the update but no boot loader and no kernel which also meant no recovery options… Well that didn’t go well. But after much reading I worked out was meant to patch the bootloader and the kernel before and only way was to put the OTA over a fresh gingerbread so I had to reformat everything pretty scary. Eventually doing this via a backup of my old modified rom to able to send a text around saying use other forms of communication for a bit might go wrong! But it didn’t it worked and now I’m painstakingly going though all my apps and signing in again why can’t apps link to my Google account they know this is my phone but hey that’s a completely different topic to discuss.

Moral of the story always read before wiping everything off a expensive device 🙂


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