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Notes, Collections & Organisation!

Might not seem the most interesting thing to blog about but for us students its defiantly something which we all need, weather its a pen and paper with messy hand writing in lectures to highly organised folders of word documents typed during the lecture we have all lost some notes at some point in revision or research I bet!

So today in gathering some materials together for FYP (Final Year Project) I realised I might need these on the go on different systems and even on university computers themselves. So the reviews start here!

First in the ring was OneNote which I started using last year typing up notes after lectures in the little spare time students have, which was all well and good but note much integration and also now Linux refuses out right to install it even with CrossOvers  (Custom wine that helps more Microsoft applications without the hassle but its pay-ware but great since students get discount!), the second big fight was to get everything syncing together with live drive on my Android, and then also Linux not supported again (surprise surprise). Also even with my Motorola Razr with Ice Cream sandwich the application seemed very jumpy at points and the limit on amount of notes is just a pure deal breaker, so OneNote was out the arena defeated!

Next to the block was EverNote with family members suggesting this when they was at university I never used it despite Motorola including it in their ROM just never thought to use it! I don’t even know why I didn’t think to give this a try but very glad I did its simple and can run from the web and no complicated set-up, there’s even a opensource project for it on Linux which is called NeverNote, found this quite humours myself. But anyway back on topic. (wow just saw how long this post is thanks if your still reading!) With some more Chrome web clippers and such installed I installed the desktop client just so when I’m offline don’t run into problems since this is syncs all to the web which is handy for notes in lectures or even on phone when I don’t want to run the internet all the time it will sync when it does have internet (how a application should work Microsoft hint hint ) but anyway, with installing the web application I saw a funny button called “Trunk” in top I was like what is that sync with SVN or something like really? but no it wasn’t that but it was a massive documented list of every application which uses EverNote API’s and even some useful ones for chrome, massively impressed at this I read though some which convinced me to install EverNote Clearly (Screenshot of description below), but this makes webpages alot more readable with taking all the menu’s adverts and everything out and just leaving a clear text with pictures article, very useful for reading! With custom themes every page can look how you want to read it! But anyway stop advertising here for EverNote I’m just saying try it out! Seemly is some education discount for the pro version up to 50% but need more than three people which I’m unsure on if its worth it for been able to search PDF’s and a few other features we’ll see as progress goes on.

Whole reason doing all this is for research collection on the go and reading up on things on the go which hopefully will mean all the pieces can be put together in September when starting my FYP.

EverNote Clearly

EverNote Clearly

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