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Kinect with Windows 8

Microsoft you say, yes very correct everything is Microsoft in this topic but that doesn’t lead the conclusion it works together, seems that the XNA support within Windows 8 isn’t implemented properly as of yet. But now following the advice from Aaron Stebner on his MSDN blog post here on how to get around this problem I’m facing which results in installing the re-distributable form of XNA first before the development studio which seem’s to have worked so far so will let you know how it goes and if anyone else is stuck on Windows 8 Kinect work arounds read his post or contact me for details on how to fix it.

Update: Doesn’t work in new visual studio but a patch just came out just seeing if that fixes it

Windows Phone SDK install window

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  • James C

    Install the Games for Windows Live client and then install XNA 4.0

    Its a fix I found on the net

    • Yer thats what the article said which I linked in from msdn blogs 🙂

      • James C

        Ah I browsed this on the HUCS Blogs app on Windows Phone so I didn’t see the links, just came straight on to post a reply 😛