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Graphics card goes back for a repair

Problems problems problems…. seems what all technology no matter what you pay seems to go wrong at some point in there shortening life spans as technology gets more advanced.

But anyway to my story, I have been having some problems for the past few months with overheating but with adjusting fans and cranking up speeds on fans with profiles and MSI tools but no such luck so thought this must be faulty but progressively the temperature got worst no matter which drivers or which bios I ran same problem to the point youtube video’s would overheat it I had enough.

Checking the MSI forums I even suddenly find theres alot of the same model graphics card having problems, my heart sank from what I thought was a fantastic buy is now pointless but all was not lost I contacted the reseller and MSI and now got it sent back to be repaired or replaced.

The point of this whole post is finding out your graphics card is faulty never felt so good, since this means it wasn’t my motherboard or power supply or other big money items and the repair/ replacement had been passed onto MSI within one day of sending it off wish I did this sooner, but finding the little sections of the internet that helps is always a good feeling and if you ever have any problems user forums answer your issues than any official FAQ or black-hole email to tech support!

Source: bit-tech.net Nvidia 580GTX Lightning Xtreme



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