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So it seems people are all doing posts to able to help people fresh into the Hull University scene where as my post leans back to the blogging itself which we at http://hullcompsciblogs.com/ are all doing currently from recommendation from tutors such as Rob Miles. But it isn’t just the blogging which is a good reason to have a website it helps to develop a image for who you are as a person and somewhere professionals can look on to see your very varied skill sets in one central location.

So looking over my old portfolio (which I never did finish) I feel it needed updating with alot of university projects as these where perfect for employers and best bit about it is the tutors themselves tell you what you was meant to learn in the ACW descriptions. So I thought perfect lets put all this together and show people what I really have been doing here at Hull University! I spend a good few hours today collecting materials together from all the archive of projects and documents I have gathered over the past two years and this is where the help bit from the start of this blog comes in, get started on this early not saying let it take over work but at least give some indication that you have been doing things while at university which show your skills you have been learning I say this because ok the projects we done aren’t master pieces but it defiantly shows we have been doing excellent work but to go though two years worth of stuff in one session gets fun finding that one picture of your program in all its glory.

TL:DR do a portfolio if you have a blog anyway (Yes I am a Redditor!)

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  • James Croft

    Actually, employers aren’t all that bothered about the work you have done at university. They are more interested in the work you have done for actual clients as well as anything that you have done outside of academics. Obviously they will be looking at work you’ve done at university though. 

    This was a discussion I was having with my manager and other staff in the department.