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Luck changing?

As with many students we enter our details on many websites looking to win things, a computer scientist does the similar but with computer parts especially give a ways of new product launches.

So last month I entered into one to win a Router with on of the best e-tailers for computers near my home http://cclonline.com, I thought nothing of it I really didn’t but I saw on there Facebook they said the results will be out tomorrow then under it said posted 3 days ago, so no results? What was this so commented on that status saying any news yet? Again thinking nothing of it until today I had a notification that said “Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner.” on the comment I left as my entry into the competition from CCL so confused very much since I win nothing usually not even a packet of crisps!

Then I saw a status go up saying “Sorry it’s a day late but I’d like to announce the winner of our competition who was randomly selected by scrolling the mouse wheel up and down while looking away from the screen and then jabbing my finger into the monitor shouting “THAT ONE” is Andrew Luke Flatters! Congratulations please drop us a message to arrange dispatch of your wonderful new Netgear R6300!”

So that’s right I am getting a Netgear R6300!! Which I will save you a Google its a 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit, ac is the new standard in Wifi better than N as it has 1 whole Gb bandwidth! Read more here

For those nosy people the post I submitted as you had to say why you would like it on there Facebook page, guessing was a media stunt to get people liking there page but ye.

I would like to win the Netgear R6300 because I have just moved into a new flat and currently running a OEM router free off our ISP please help this poor student who is in love with technology and post him a fantastic router! Loving your shop would spend so much more money there if I had it but still check out your website regularly just to temp me!

So I will post reviews and more pictures when this arrives in my letter box (not literally I hope!)

R6300 WiFi Router

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