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Motorola XT910 Miui Rom

Since I got my new Motorola XT910 (Razr) I had always wanted Ice Cream Sandwich on it (Android 4.0.4) as this was the new and upcoming trend when I got my phone as this was before Jelly Bean but after so much waiting I gave up and turned to the XDA-Community to see what they where offering as Motorola had delayed this for England even more than the rest of the world. But having a look though the forums I came across a topic that was sharing the leaks of 4.0.4 Dev builds which was fantastic so I unrooted (needed a original ROM to upgrade) and upgraded but this wasn’t a fantastic experience and can tell why they haven’t made it public yet but I lasted a good month using this as my daily driver phone which did its job but with occasional crashing at the most inappropriate moments so again the original manufacturer got it wrong like HTC with there Sense UI that seemed to drain more of the battery just to make Android more fancy.

As with my old Desire I had put a Rom from China developers Xiaomi which is called MIUI which in my eyes was always a fantastic ROM which is why I also chose to put it on my XT910 which did require root and lots of backing up this time, but after a few hours and a couple of mistakes like not downloading the English version first time I got a fully functional phone once again! This is a totally new experience for anyone who has used a Android but also MIUI runs on a rolling release so no OTA waiting, updates are on a monthly stable and a weekly developer build (Dev is pretty safe to use though)  , they also have a massive community following to able to report bugs and even let community members send them patches to make the phone better for us all!

So if you are looking for a ROM or even if you ain’t I highly recommend checking if MIUI is compatible with your device, just remember this does wipe your whole phone so make a backup!

Below is some of the screenshots of what MIUI looks like on a Razr (XT910):

You will notice from these screenshots there is no app draw, and yes that’s exactly the case, but I end up putting all my icons on my home screen anyway so why do we even need a app draw, rather useless if you ask me and MIUI also thought this, weird concept but you get used to it quick honest!

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