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VPS / Transferring host

First Post!…. on new VPS anyway….

I have been experiencing some inconsistent service with current/ past web-host provider but with me wanting more and more from hosting and upgrading to a re-seller account both cost and lack of control over my “clients” websites was starting to get to me so I did what any person would do and set up my own webhost on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with plans to able to move all scouting websites across to my own in time from my current host.

This does however open some possibilities up for me as now I have full control of a root virtual PC with very good internet in France. I went with mini-vps as the pricing was fair and the hardware and plans are very good! Also a friend recommended them which is always a good thing when you are choosing to spend your money as people only seem to post the good stuff on there own websites and unlike a physical product there is always horror stories.

So now this website is coming to you via my VPS! Which is fantastic news and with Google Apps hosting all my email I didn’t even loose that much communication, part from a few 500 errors but that was kinda my fault since Linux permissions are fantastic but sometimes head mind-boggling to get your head around how they work.

For the people interested I am currently running Cent-OS 6 as this is a opensource version of the bigger Red Hat professional distribution of Linux. I am starting to think I should go back to Arch while setting all this up though as Cygwin is sometimes funny when it comes to key files to able to login and PuTTY I just plain don’t like its nothing like a Linux terminal but Cygwin comes pretty dam close.

Also to help me manage my VPS I also installed Webmin which is fantastic software for learning about server management as it modifies the system files and doesn’t hide anything from you, this also means when following tutorials or help advice online that you don’t have to look specifically for Webmin advice, just trying to setup the FTP with Webmin currently which is proving difficult as “ProFTPD” is the recommended from Webmin but CentOS seems to have lost support of it but soon enough all will be fixed I’m sure with lots of playing about, so if you see my site is down then more than likely I clicked a wrong button! Why control is sometimes bad but its also fun!

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