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Welcome Freshers

As a follow up to Rob Miles post I thought I would also post from the student perspective.
First of all I totally agree with Rob Miles on the matter of backing up the more places the better and always make sure one is off-site with services like Dropbox offer, even get more space by signing up with this address http://db.tt/RkHYxX1. But also the learning of a source management system is vital when working on coursework as loosing work due to sleepiness is heart breaking as I found out in one of my demonstrations will never do that again! While on the matter of source control GitHub if you have heard of it offer a source control system for social coding but if you want to store your private repositories on it normally it costs but for us students we can apply for a 2 year free account by going on here https://github.com/edu and following though all the options, you need to give a good reason why you want it but generally saying it will improve your studies they approve you!
Also a good tip is to use the university resources to their fullest you’re only there for three or four years so why not get the fullest experience possible, if you’re looking for somewhere to able to expand your skills in learning something you properly haven’t ever tried then join us in FreeSide we are a open community attached to the computer science department who help train skills in Linux and server/ networking management as I feel this isn’t covered much by our courses so this is a great way to meet amazing people who are friendly (honest) who have great minds to pick at with your problems! (computer problems mostly) get more information at http://wiki.freeside.co.uk or join us on IRC at Freeside.co.uk #freeside.
If you’re living in student housing (or somewhere near to Newland Ave) then a fantastic place to check out is Websters Family Butchers, who have a fantastic student offer which is currently running, get 7 meats for £10 and they even add a 1lb of sausages for a limited time, check out leaflet below.

As a follow up to Rob Miles post about books and they can be expensive yes they really can be! But also a fantastic resource once you have your book list (on sharepoint) and got suggestions off your tutors then check out Amazon Marketplace where people can sell their books back to Amazon and you usually can pick up books for 1p plus shipping normally around £3 which is a fantastic bargain just make sure the versions are correct for which parts of the book you need. But for this cheap you can always order an older version then borrow the recommended version from the library for a week to catch up on parts you missed and you still have revision material for 80% of your course. See below on where to check for this option:

And of course the final reminder to join us on http://hullcompsciblogs.co.uk and if you currently do not have hosting you can buy your own domain then approach Freeside once you have an account, you are then able to host it within the university (you get this once you leave also so don’t worry about it all disappearing the day you leave university). And you can register your domain onto Google apps free which currently give you 10 full Gmail accounts to play with @your.domain which is fantastic and free!

So that is all for now unless I think of anything else but have a fantastic time in Hull as this truly is a great city, it doesn’t rain all the time honest we get sun sometimes……

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  • Hi. All good stuff, thanks for that. We will be teaching the first year students about source code control when we introduce Visual Studio later in the programming course.