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Freshers Bash 2012

Tonight once again we went to the Freshers Bash they hold every year at the University of Hull Staff House. Tonights was some new games and activities including Scalextric that Rob Miles hooked up to a projector with the digital timing systems which took a bit of fiddling but was good fun when we had a go! Of course we had the Rob Miles famous quiz which we kinda came second in but we wasn’t freshers but owell, and of course we brought TeeWorlds which is a opensource run multiplier game like worms without moves which is glorious pick up and go game (see below for pictures of it in action).

We have also been asked to come to the Masters do to do it all over again which we were more than happy to do now we have it all set up with a few hick-ups as always! So check out my small number of pictures below:

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  • Awesome!  Glad you guys are still pushing freeside well 🙂

  • wait…so is anyone allowed to go to fresher bash?! why was I not informed?!