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Training Begins

To start our training we had our first ride out to get used to our new technology, unfortunately the technology to record while we was going around wasn’t fantastic since my phone decided GPS was using too much battery and disabled it when I turned off the screen. So retracing this into MemoryMaps should give a valid GPX but I will find out once I post this since just installed a new WordPress plugin to able to show maps.

We had a couple stops along the way one been Raywell Park since I am part of the staff here and it was up a large hill so needed a rest to recalculate our route via my handy OS map. Yes hill and Hull, it is possible even a very nice down hill sections gave us a nice rest before finding somewhere to warm up which happened to be the Green Dragon Pub in Welton which is a lovely quiet traditional but modern pub. Would have taken more pictures around town but by this point was rather dark to say the least but good to learn to take gloves next time!

Here’s some pictures from when it was light and a nice warming coffee from Welton

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