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Hull Fair

As my girlfriend keeps telling me anyone who lives in Hull has to at least visit Hull fair once a year, so we did which was a rather uneventful cheapish visit but we still enjoyed the atmosphere and me been the amateur photographer I am saw the giant wheel and thought “That would make a good photo” so we forced Emily on… not really but sounds better when she’s afraid of heights but we got some nice photos of all the rides I’m too scared to go on! Then we had a few goes on the 2p slot machines, its like been at a coastal town all over again!

Then we started heading home visiting a few shops for fair treats but the worst wasn’t over, we saw “fresh donuts been made” so we all flocked to get some until the first person took a bite which was the most disgusting donuts ever! Not good but seemly was better but we just wanted to go home by this point no more spending money on food which doesn’t deserve a belly!

But ye enjoy some photos I took below unfortunately only took my little camera not the SLR out so ain’t fantastic pictures:

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