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Securing your Website

So a few months ago I set-up my own Virtual Private Server (VPS) to able to host a few websites my own and some Scout websites I help manage back at home and here in Hull. But I never could get anything but a self-signed certificate until Ash in Freeside told me about https://www.startssl.com this company gives you a properly signed certificate that you can use on your website for a year, the one year condition comes from what class your certificate is as for my host I’m using a Class 1 certificate so its for none professional use but still offers all the encryption that a higher class would have.

This is a good idea to have when hosting your own VPS especially if you have a control panel that can change settings on your host and even take your precious information. After I secured Webmin (my VPS control panel) I moved onto securing WordPress which if you have already set-up your web-host to able to accept https in the Apache configuration which consists of just defining where the certificates are and your private key to able to decrypt your certificate its just putting a couple lines into your word-press configuration to able to force all login’s and admin panel actions to be directed though SSL which is why you won’t see it if you are going to https://alflatters.co.uk but now https://alflatters.co.uk does work for my whole sub-sites.

Unfortunately if you have many sub-domains on your host a class 1 can’t be applied to all of them only 1 other which can easily be managed by just going to /folders/ on your domain which work just as well just ain’t as clean sometimes.

So there’s some more tips on how to secure your life use SSL wherever possible!

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