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Training Session 2

Tonight’s training included some lovely sighs of fog in pretty much every direction we decided to go, even the many directions we went that we wasn’t meant to. Who knew trying to find the biggest bridge in England (I think) would be so hard on a bike! But we got there in the end but not helped at all by the ambiguous cycle route signs that couldn’t make there mind up where we was meant to be heading towards or even what bike path we were following half of the time. We even visited the “Humber Bridge Viewing Point” needless to say we didn’t see much. Some photos to prove we really do go on these routes below and a GPX route to laugh at how many times we doubting where we were going in went in a few circles!

Also sorry for the quality of photos camera phones ain’t the best in the conditions we were in and I forgot even the small camera today which wasn’t the best of plans to record our moments of memories with!

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