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This website is a blog about my life or things I find interesting and come across on a day to day basis. I will try do a few Android App reviews as well as many websites who offer this either don’t go very in depth and just tell you to get the App which really you should have a clear idea in your mind I believe before getting a application. All the views on this website are my own and are not participially 100% true so I don’t mind comments back to discuss some of these or email me on contact information below.

Past experience:
I have only had one paying job in my life but a lot of my experience comes from voluntary work mainly in the Scout setting.

Things I enjoy:
The things I enjoying doing in life are mostly outdoor such as camping, climbing, hiking and general outdoor activities but I also enjoy gaming, programming and generally messing around with technology. A lot of what I do I document in picture form weather this is off my Sony Camera or is off my Android I still like to share experiences epically those that take your breathe away on-top of mountains.

Other Networks I am involved with:
I am a Co-Founder of http://xuras.net starting off with a group of people who we met on servers in a popular Half Life 2 Modification called “Garry’s Mod” we wanted a place to  call our own. With this came community projects planning for Maps and now continual work on a mass Roleplaying Game Mode called XurasRP

I design and maintain a scout campsite website called http://blackhillscampsite.org.uk which contains lots of galleries and news about the latest happenings up there.

Other social networks I am involved with at on the right of every page on my blog so have a browse around.