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Christmas / New year updates

So I was still at University when I last blogged complaining about the society we live in but busy lives cut down the amount of time I had to write extended blogs. So what did we do over Christmas? Nothing too much as of planned things but still be nice back in my Home town to

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Ryan trying to make his bed

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

Bus systems just there to scam you!

Why are bus services only here to scam you? So I have a top up card that entitles me 20% off because I’m a student but didn’t relise only had 64p on it which wouldn’t get me too far. So I put money down adding up to right amount. But he would only give me

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Blackhills Bonfire 2010

I have been home this weekend up in Bradford to help to run the Blackhill’s Bonfire, we had lots of turn out after a hard day working/ cooking and getting everything ready for lots of visitors to our campsite. Mostly running around in a wet field to get them parked. But later on we was greeted with

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A Day in the Life of me

Well been a long but not very busy day! So this morning we have been making the first steps on our project making “Battleships” this is a console version so don’t get your hopes up all text based but still I’m enjoying it. Other things that happened today: Brought my ticket to go to Bletchley

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