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Kinect SDK

With going to see Rob Miles today about my final year project I got playing with the SDK for Kinect tonight. With playing around with the games (Shape Game) which was rather amusing for a while I got playing with the speech recognition which works very well on recognizing long sentences with light variations but seemed to struggle if there was a

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Rackmount cases

So on Friday we took it upon ourselves with permission obviously to rackmount one of the new virtual machines base computer into a rackmountable case. As currently they are normal desktops from the lab rooms which are across the desks which doesn’t look very professional also kinda bad if they get unplugged and vms go

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Guitar tuning

With Emily winning a guitar at spiders night club a few weeks ago I thought I would have a look at it and see if I have any musical talent left after my many years music practice. Working out quickly that it was massively out of tune I decided to download a Android app to

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Pancake day

So today was pancake day me and emzi have eaten sooooo many today but was gorgeous!

Pair programming

Working on the Raywell website we was designing the code behind the booking checker system which turned out to be rather simplistic code but unfortunately not so efficient in due course from the standards where using doesn’t allow masses of manipulation before we download it onto the server to be processed. If that’s all gobble-goop

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