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Network for anyone who doesn’t know is the oldest section in Scouts 18-25 year olds which is the section I’m presently part of technically. When at the merger meeting for the Hull districts we met up with the county commissioner who we first met at Raywell management, she then introduced me and Emily to the

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Raywell Park

This year at university I made the decision that I wanted to get involved in scouting once again as I had a year off in effect of going to university. This took a bit of time to able to follow the trail around the districts since currently they are going though a merger between three

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Ok so going on my own blog which haven’t done for a while got to be honest I was shocked I ain’t updated this since Norway, I had said I would do alot of blogs then never did since recently been hecktic. Think I’m going split these down into different posts to stop massive text

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Rock Climbing at Trollaktiv – Bradford North Explorers

This is on the climbing wall at Trollaktiv in Norway with Bradford North Explorers

The Chicken Shoot – trollaktiv Norway

This is what we went down in a raft a few days before shooting this!