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Rock Climbing at Trollaktiv – Bradford North Explorers

This is on the climbing wall at Trollaktiv in Norway with Bradford North Explorers

The Chicken Shoot – trollaktiv Norway

This is what we went down in a raft a few days before shooting this!

Vblog 17/02/11

In this vblog we go minecraft and explore my world. 🙂

Life Vblog 28/01/2011

As promised the link: www.youtube.com This video is just a catch up on my life this week and a review of my feelings of #lifeinaday

15-01-2011 Life Vblog – First time using After Effects

So this is my first time using after effects so been hard at work even though the video quality is rather shitty had to do some converting to make it compile quick don’t worry this is a sample video and hopefully bumping up the frames soon just want opinions on the intro. Yes I do

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