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14/01/2010 Life VBlog (2)

Just a catch up what I done with my night Check out alflatters.co.uk for my blog Check back soon

14/01/2010 Life VBlog

Alflatters Vblog from 14/01/2010 Introducing the wonders of intro and outro thanks to Johnny Walker! So in this one we send many happy birthday wishes to Hannah Treglown, and we go outside into the cold Hull weather to see what it looks like outside my room in the day light then just a little blog

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13/01/2010 Life VBlog

This is my second blog post for Project Firesong on my second day back at university after Christmas break. Enjoying it so far! This video is a tour of my room nice and unpacked. Using my monkey stand which was my brothers very handy height on desk and flexes to get the best angle possible!

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My first blog for Project Firesong!

First blog for Project Firesong as I arrive at university

Hello World

As with all good programs my first blog is a “Hello World”. So a quick introduction from me, Andrew Flatters. I am currently studying in the University of Hull studying Computer Software Development in my first year. I am also a Scout so enjoy all the outdoor things in this world such as Skiing, Climbing, Camping,

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