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Phone Case

With my old phone case getting old and flaky (was only a cheap one for like £5 from a random market stall). I went to the internet in search for a new phone case and found a nice one on offer which was a Hard Case which was better in my mind than a flexible one like

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Bus systems just there to scam you!

Why are bus services only here to scam you? So I have a top up card that entitles me 20% off because I’m a student but didn’t relise only had 64p on it which wouldn’t get me too far. So I put money down adding up to right amount. But he would only give me

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The joys of automation, I happened to totally forget about the clocks going back today but still my phone adapted and woke me up at “normal” time my computer was the correct time and everything just worked!… Leaving me the user with just a extra hour of sleep :). Thanks Tech!

A weekend off University Work

So this weekend is the first weekend Sarah came up to see me while at University, was a very good weekend in summary. On the Saturday went to the Vue Cinema to see “Despicable Me” in 3D which was excellent who cares if it was made for the younger people it was still amazing. The story line was very well

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Progress Update

Getting the hang of WordPress bit at a time as its nothing like my old blog which I hosted on Blogger. But due to the complete lack of features on there free hosting plans I thought lets make a WordPress one since everyone is always on about it! So here it is so far not

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