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Freshers Bash 2012

Tonight once again we went to the Freshers Bash they hold every year at the University of Hull Staff House. Tonights was some new games and activities including Scalextric that Rob Miles hooked up to a projector with the digital timing systems which took a bit of fiddling but was good fun when we had a

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VPS / Transferring host

First Post!…. on new VPS anyway…. I have been experiencing some inconsistent service with current/ past web-host provider but with me wanting more and more from hosting and upgrading to a re-seller account both cost and lack of control over my “clients” websites was starting to get to me so I did what any person would do and set up my own webhost

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Notes, Collections & Organisation!

Might not seem the most interesting thing to blog about but for us students its defiantly something which we all need, weather its a pen and paper with messy hand writing in lectures to highly organised folders of word documents typed during the lecture we have all lost some notes at some point in revision or research I bet! So today

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